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Democrats versus republicans ... a faded opposition revitalised

The lefties just can't wrap their minds around it ... Some of them however at least make an attempt. But listen to them very carefully when they engage. Because when they come to the point they just cannot escape this leftist academic conditioning. And struggling to address their failure to convince us by for example treating us in a decend manner ... they once more fail to label us other than primitive, uneductated, barbaric, undeveloped ... and to put it bluntly ... as untermenschen !

Yes indeed ! What they actually are saying, and they can't even help it, due to the years and years of selfconditioning, is mentally seen we are untermenschen and they are the ubermenschen because they have come to realize ... we are all one, islam is a religion as any other, all cultures are equal ... and we haven't managed yet to develope that kind of level of their understanding as "educated" ubermenschen.

This orwellian leftist fascism is the new fascism. Another thinking is not even possible anymore. Dialogue actually also makes little to no sense since we and them have but one thing in common ... being we both are not prepared to really revise and review our standpoints ... and for us that is ok. But for them it is not. We HAVE to change and this makes them the totalitarians who CANNOT respect our thinking and our culture. In our thinking it is ok if you do not want to have anything to do with certain people or followers of whatever religion or philosophy. In their thinking all people have to get along and unite. Or else people have to fight and will fight. It is black or white and there is no grey. There is no such thing as to live and to let live. For us there can be some people we simply do not like, but without at the same time and for that matter wanting to go to war with them. You cannot force me to like whomever. If i do not like them i do not like them and i do not like the lefties. But i could live next to them in the same street, and i will disagree with them but leave them alone and i want them to leave me alone. But for them this is not possible. We all need to be "educated" and initiated into their new world order "enlightment". Sometimes i wished God had given us two planets ... one for them and one for us.

I personally disagree with people being gay, but i am not going to attack them for being gay, nor will i ever even consider to force them or even try to force them not to be gay. It is my right to be against homosexuality as long as i do not attack gays. This is the distinction. This is the line we can draw and they cannot. We can disagree and be peacefull at the same time. If we were to attack all whom we disagree with we 'd had to attack a lot of people. But this distinction they cannot make. And even they consider me being against homosexuality (but defending gay lives when it comes to it) as as worse or even worse as muslims having the religious duty to be against homosexuality AND to attack them. The muslims are their friends ( they think) and they attack us for being against homosexuality but at the same time being against attacking homosexuals. If i would have been present at the Orlando shooting i would have defended the gays against the muslim attacker (in as far as possible ofcourse). But after that, and suppose i would have saved some gays, i would have probably told them they should better repent from their sin. And if they don't listen ... it's their right not to listen, even laugh at me. But it is my right to think and say homosexuality is wrong and i will never give up upon that right.

This is our definition of tolerance; to be able to disagree with my neighbours without physically fighting them for it. Their definition of tolerance is ... you have to agree with everybody. Not to agree is disrespectfull. Not to agree is not allowed and is agressive in itself. Me being against homosexuality (without ever even considering to physically attack a homosexual ) is dangerous. And this is pure mental orwellian fascism !

I have no problem with muslims as long as they don t have a problem with me disagreeing with them. But exactly this is the problem as we have seen way to often. For to many muslims and for most lefties all must agree with their ideology.

The United States of America was founded by republicans and most people completely have forgotten what exactly is the difference between the republican and the democratic view on democracy. For democrats way to many issues are subjected to the democratic collective consent. Private issues. Republicans want a strictly minimalised goverment to guarantee anyones right to eat for dinner what they want and with whom they want. But democrats want all to eat together and together decide what we all will eat for dinner. And if the majority votes for eating sprouts all must eat sprouts. Also those who do not like sprouts. While the republicans want all to eat whatever they want and goverments task is to avoid anyone forcing anyone to eat what they do not want or like to eat.

So there is only one way for them to reach their ultimate goal and have everyone eating the same dinner and that is to somehow get rid of all of us republicans/libertarians/christians/deplorables. Because as long as one of us lives he will eat whatever he wants to eat without giving a damn about what others think about it. We will never be convinced. We will never consent into this orwellian fascism. You want a world united ? As long as we are here it will not be ! Jamais ! Unification is fascism. And my good old christian bible teaches me it is good for us people to be divided and all to mind our own businesses. Because after all ... Hitler wanted to unite, Stalin wanted to unite, Mao wanted to unite and the roman emperors wanted to unite and if human history should have taught us one lesson it is that this is exactly the point were all the shit always began. The more we as humans are divided and mind our own business the more peace we have and every single attempt to unite always has and always will end up in war and calamity and disaster !


Thierry J. Wlazlak

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